The Endless Activity discusses the vibrant early Christian devotion to spreading the gospel, joy, and salvation through the Scriptures.

The Endless Activity

The holy Scriptures are brought to the reality of an endless activity which brought joy and spiritual well-being to the children of God in the early days of Christianity.

The preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness, but unto us which are saved, it is the power of God—I Corinthians 1:18.

The preaching of the gospel in word and life was a daily part of every Christian’s activity. This led the follower of the Lord Jesus to look upon his unsaved neighbor or relative as one to whom he owed a debt of love. In this, one away from Christ, he could see the greatest of all needs, the salvation of the soul from sin.

To those who read this writing: First, if you are in sin today, someone wants to see you saved. Secondly, if you are already a Christian in the Bible sense of the word, you are the one who should want to see the unsaved, saved from sin.

The ministry of making the gospel known to the world was paramount in the minds of the early Christians. Remember, even in the hour of great persecution, they went forth preaching the word—Acts 8:1-4. They were urged to live righteously as well—Philippians 1:27. If you are a Christian, you will always owe a debt of love to those about you. To your brethren in Christ, and to the sinner without the ark of safety your obligation to the latter is to live and speak in the way that will lead his soul to Christ.