Below, find a archive of previous Volumes, followed by the number of articles in each Volume. Click on the Volume name and number to view the content.

You may also download old Volumes of the Gospel Message in PDF format. The files are large, so clicking on the button will take you to TGM’s Google Drive where you can download the PDF onto your device. The PDFs are in a searchable format. Your editor thanks Dwain Stoops for scanning many of the Volumes before 1990. Larry Hammer also held on to many of the older Volumes which allowed your editor to fill in the gaps. Our former editors — Roy Loney, Wilford Landes, Tom Dennis, and Tom Woody — also kept hardcopies of the older Volumes. This digitized collection is nearly complete, though a few Issues are missing. An index page at the beginning of each year indicates which issues are missing. Please note: previous publishers of the Gospel Message often skipped the month of August.