From the front page…

When our hearts feel conquered by our failures, God knows better. When we feel defeated, God preserves hope. When a life of love and faithfulness is infused with God’s grace and mercy, our failures are wiped away. No failure is too great for God.
— Tad Morris

From inside the cover…

We cannot compromise what God commanded nor can we compromise the truth He revealed. The commandments we obey to live, and the truth we learn for understanding and wisdom. However, there are many things we may compromise, and should compromise, according to need. These things concern the various cultures, societies, and times where the church is salted. Being a sanctified people does not mean to be out of sync with our neighbors over the kind of food we eat, the type of clothing we wear, or how we take care of the day to day affairs. It is proper that we become like others, so they can identify with us and we with them.
— Louis Garbi

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