From the front page…

So why do I call these horrific life experiences a blessing? Because if I view my ordeal as ongoing refinement in God’s crucible, I can sense that I am made a better tool for His purposes. I believe that, through my pain and suffering, I have grown in certain spiritual gifts. For instance, I feel that I have been gifted with a greater empathy for others as well as the ability to truly listen to someone’s troubled heart.
— Kevin Crittenden

From inside the cover…

We think about the future in three ways. First, we fantasize about what the future might hold. These are the pleasant daydreams wherein everything works out in our favor and all is well. Some might call it wishful thinking. Second, we worry about the future. In these moments, all that could go wrong does go wrong, and our prospective future is filled with insurmountable obstacles. Nestled between these two extremes is hope.
— Wade Stanley

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