From the front page…

Because the church has been built by our Lord and continues to be governed by Him through His Scriptures, His church is not ours to manipulate to our image. To be sure, it can be left by those who refuse to submit to His will, but it cannot be changed by man. The letters to five of the seven churches in the Revelation letter teach that individual congregations can depart and separate from the Lord, but these unfaithful congregations cannot change the Lord’s church as a whole. It remains complete and safe under His care.
— Jay Graham

From inside the cover…

Being a godly man, Joseph forgave as God forgives, as Jesus forgives, as Christians are to forgive (Colossians 3:13). Seeing others trapped in guilt and fear made him weep. Foreshadowing the Redeemer, Joseph’s message to his brothers was “don’t be afraid” (Genesis 50:19-21) and he “comforted them and spoke kindly to them.” Joseph wept, and offered forgiveness, solace and reassurance to the fearful and doubters.
— Charles Fry

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