God is Love

Do you fear, Christian? There is a place of quiet rest; it is near to the heart of God. The heart of God swells with love for you. It is this vast reservoir of love that drives Him to be jealous for you. And this love is intended to quiet you. God is rejoicing over you with gladness, with singing! Like a spouse or a child who is quieted, calmed, and made secure by the knowledge that she is loved by her spouse or parent, so God’s love is intended to quiet your fears and fill you with a sense of peace and security.

The Church is Necessary

The Lord created the church so that we would have the opportunity to assemble together that we might encourage one another, practice love, lead and be lead, bear one another’s burdens, and submit to one another. Ultimately, the Lord created the church so that we would be able to help each other in our walk with the Lord. The Day of the Lord is approaching. Let us not forsake the assembly, and thus deprive ourselves and our brethren of much needed aid.