Our Family Guests

A family has come to visit our home. We welcomed them with open arms and made them a part of our lives. Before they came our family did the things families do. We enjoyed games together, shared stories of the day, shared stories of our past, and filled the evenings with laughter and memories. With this family in our home, things have changed. They are filled with knowledge of history, sports, celebrities, and any other topic our hearts desire. We sit enraptured by their stories as they tell us of strange places around the world. They tell us stories of strangers far and wide but also know our own acquaintances, dear friends and family. They share stories of these dear ones too, and even pass on deep personal messages from those we love. Sometimes we sit collectively as a family enjoying these stories and other times members of our family pair up with one of our guests so we can spend our own time with them and learn from a seemingly boundless array of knowledge.

While my parents have strict rules in the home of dress and language, my father doesn’t apply these rules to this family of guests. They often use language which we are never allowed to use and tell stories which would draw a sharp rebuke from my father if told by anyone other than these visitors. While we are bound by a strict sense of morality, this family has no such constraints. They speak of all religions freely. They openly boast of immorality of others and, when asked, willingly teach us of the most lewd kind of behavior. My parents don’t always approve of their stories. Sometimes my parents remind me of the ways of righteousness; yet, the family remains within our home.

One of our guests stays in my room. The guest often keeps me up late at night sharing news of the world, gossip about celebrities, and information about my favorite team. Despite my parents wishes to the contrary, my guest lets my friends come into my room and we stay up long into the night. Sometimes we laugh. Sometimes we cry. Sometimes we just talk. Any of my friends are welcome into my room at night when the guest is with me.

The guest also brings in other people into my room. Although my father had strict rules forbidding strangers in my room for my protection, the rules have been dropped when this family came to stay. Many of these visitors to my room are strangers who I barely know. Some are my age but many are older. Sometimes we talk about silly, harmless topics. Other times we talk about things my parents would not approve of. I can have whoever I want in my room at night and sometimes, the guest in my room brings in people who I don’t know and who I know my father would not normally allow in my room.

My father doesn’t stop this family from bringing people into my room at night because the family does the same for him – especially when my mom is not around.

A family came to visit our house and I don’t think they will ever go away. Their name is Internet and the family consists of computer, iPod, smart phone, and video game system.